Art for Awareness


At We Grow Forest Foundation, our core values and principles revolve around environmental protection, nature conservation, eco-friendliness and sustainability. And we aim to imbibe these values in all citizens of our country. We want everyone to see the importance of nature and understand the urgency in which we must start taking measures to save our mother earth from the grave danger of climate change. And this is what Art for Awareness is all about.


We will utilize Art to spread awareness among the masses about issues that must be addressed. Our vision is to empower artistic talent and make their Art universally accessible. You can also book an artist to portray your green thoughts for the people to feast their eyes upon. We all have stopped to admire artists’ efforts and thoughts in their art forms. When we fail to communicate with each other efficiently, it is better to use a different medium to convey our thoughts, and in this scenario, it’s Art.

Wall Paintings

Our vision is to paint the world green and inspire people to become a part of our initiative to work in the direction of nature restoration. We conduct wall painting sessions where artists come to showcase their love for nature and depict how everyone can lead a sustainable life. The wall paintings address issues of great significance like pollution, climate change, carbon neutrality and others. One of the most effective mediums is the visual one. People believe what they see, and we want everyone to have a belief that they can live an environmentally sustainable life and so we will use wall paintings as the medium to convey our feelings.

Flash Mobs

We aim to restore the earth’s greenery and make our blue planet a clean and green one to live in. This is a never-ending process, and we are destined to work with all our associates, governmental organizations, businesses, other NGOs and caring individuals to achieve this goal. And we believe that, this dance will go on forever. As dance is an art form, we plan to conduct Flash Mobs in the future to raise awareness about the importance of nature, the significance of environmental protection, sustainable practices and eco-friendliness.

Green Street Plays

In our Art for Awareness mission, we are not limiting ourselves to just a few art forms to spread awareness about the core values and principles of We Grow Forest Foundation in giving back to mother earth and restoring her former glory. We plan to conduct street plays in various locations based on the number of people since we want to reach out to as many people as possible through our efforts. We will associate with relevant organizations, groups and individuals to conduct the street plays effectively.

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