Green Learning

The natural world needs you

Ecosystem restoration at a global scale is essential if we are to mitigate the extent of the ecological crisis that we are currently facing and protect the biodiversity for future generations. The Green Learning platform of We Grow Forest is focused on providing a scientific discipline that has recently emerged due to the increasing need to restore damaged ecosystems. We provide ways to create a robust environmental education base, nature stewardship, and problem-solving skills for today’s young generation.

The Sustainable Learing Platform

We Grow Forest – Centre for Planet Restoration was established as an education platform under the Foundation for children, youth and higher education aspirants in the environment sector. CPR works to promote Environment Stewardship through education, training, skill development and career building in the restoration sector. 

Green Consciousness Sessions & Workshops

We organise workshops to educate people on Climate Change, Environment Management, Urban Forestry, Waste Management, Water & Sanitation, Biodiversity Campaigns, etc. and field activities like tree planting, seed ball making, conservation techniques, recycling, and sustainable lifestyle sessions.


We promote eco-schools and colleges where efficient green management practices, facilities, and curricula are provided. Eco-schools include outdoor sessions, recycling workshops, animal care, conservation of resources, etc., in the curricula. Environmentally conscious children will subsequently influence the earth’s future by becoming eco-literate citizens.

Outdoor Learning Equipment Curation

Our Volunteering and Internship programme provides knowledge, resources, and support for building skills for careers in the sustainability sector for students pursuing education at a college or university. You’ll learn about the most current restoration practices from experienced and knowledgeable instructors, surrounded by peers who share your passion for nature.

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