How We Work

Growing a Green Legacy

At We Grow Forest Foundation, our operational approach centers around the restoration of ecosystems through strategic tree cultivation within urban environments.  Beyond mere tree planting, we are dedicated to nurturing each sapling’s journey towards healthy growth and development. We aim to kindle a deeper understanding of nature, encouraging people to embrace healthy and sustainable lifestyles. Through our initiatives, we advocate for the coexistence and respect of all life forms on our planet. In essence, our work is a harmonious symphony of nurturing growth, education, and environmental harmony.

We Grow Forest Profile

Here’s a sneak peek into We Grow Forest Foundation and its activities. Watch this video to learn more about us!

We Grow Forest Organigram

The We Grow Forest Organigram is a visual representation of the intricate network that encompasses our organization. It encompasses the roles and responsibilities of our management, operational teams, experts, advisors, and the valuable contributions of our stakeholders. We collaborate closely with policymakers, civil society members, and dedicated conservationists, uniting our efforts for impactful nature-building and environmental restoration initiatives.

We Grow Forest Recognitions

We take pride in the numerous recognitions bestowed upon We Grow Forest Foundation by both national and international organizations, acknowledging the exceptional quality of work across diverse verticals.  These esteemed certifications, subjected to rigorous independent audits, stand as a testament to our unwavering dedication to upholding the highest standards in our operational excellence. They affirm our integration of best-in-class industrial practices across all service domains, providing our stakeholders with the assurance that they are contributing to a trusted and dependable organization.


The operations of the We Grow Forest Foundation encompass ten essential verticals dedicated to restoring nature’s intrinsic balance. All the initiatives are regulated by a standardized code, aligned seamlessly with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


Championing afforestation to enhance landscapes and nurture biodiversity


Cultivating carbon sinks and expert guidance for corporate carbon reduction


Minimizing paper and embracing technology to drive digital sustainability


Emotional wellness through the power of nature to heal stress


A network of support and empowerment for women from all walks of life


Empowering sustainable business leaders and ecosystem-friendly strategies


Educating the next generation to grow into caring custodians of the earth


Comprehensive source for everything related to the planet and sustainable living


Exploring forests, absorbing its history, and breathing life's essence with the wild


Using art as a megaphone to raise mass consciousness on pressing matters