We Grow Publications

We Grow Forest Foundation’s publications foster green writing and ensure International circulation with a No-Print culture. The two iconic e-Magazines, “The Sound of Forest” and “Trek Tales” are concise e-publications circulated across the world. Corporates and Entrepreneurs are invited to showcase their sustainable practices and highlight their products and services by advertising through these e-Magazines. We Grow Forest Foundation will be releasing its first e-Book Publication “The Planeteers and the Green Bees” which will be a repository of authentic information related to reforestation, afforestation and urban forestry activities. “Tales from Atmanirbhar Bharat- In the Company of 1001 Splendid Women” is another narrative e-Book Publication on 1001 inspiring women stories in India. This book is a tribute to all resilient women fighting their own battles with their vision, courage and uniqueness.

The Sound of Forest

The Sound of Forest is the editorial voice of We Grow Forest Foundation and is the first e-Magazine on forests by women on this planet. Through this initiative, we focus on creating a global movement of Green Consciousness and ensuring sustainability. We invite guest writers and sustainable business houses to partner with us to make this venture a great success. We wholeheartedly welcome all submissions, valuable insights, suggestions, and reviews.

TrekTales e-Magazine

TrekTales is a We Grow Forest Foundation attempt to provide a unique outlook on where and how to travel. It contains stories from nature with articles and stunning images by people who have participated in We Grow Forest Foundation’s Trek and related events.

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