Net Zero - Policy

Public Net Zero GHG Emissions Commitment Policy

We, at We Grow Forest Foundation, recognize the urgent need to address climate change and commit ourselves to taking decisive action to achieve a sustainable and resilient future. This policy outlines our commitment to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in alignment with the 1.5°C degree path as outlined in global climate agreements.


Our primary objective is to contribute to global efforts to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. We aim to achieve this by reducing, offsetting, and neutralizing our organization’s GHG emissions, promoting sustainable practices, and advocating for climate-conscious policies.


This commitment applies to all activities, operations, and projects undertaken by We Grow Forest Foundation. We will consider direct emissions from our operations, as well as indirect emissions from our supply chain, transportation, and other relevant sources.


1. Net Zero Emissions

We commit to achieving net-zero GHG emissions, ensuring that the total emissions produced by our organisation are balanced by an equivalent amount removed from the atmosphere or offset through sustainable projects by the year 2030.

2. 1.5°C Alignment

Recognising the urgency to limit global temperature rise, we align our efforts with the 1.5°C pathway outlined in the Paris Agreement. Our commitment is aimed at contributing to global endeavours to curb the impacts of climate change and protect ecosystems.

3. Transparent Reporting

We will maintain transparency in reporting our GHG emissions, mitigation efforts, and progress towards our net-zero goal. Regular, accurate reporting will be conducted and shared with stakeholders, demonstrating our accountability and commitment to sustainability.

4. Renewable Energy Transition

We will prioritise the transition to renewable energy sources, aiming for 100% reliance on clean and sustainable energy within our operations. This includes the implementation of energy-efficient technologies and practices.

5. Reforestation and Conservation

As an organisation committed to growing forests, we will actively participate in reforestation and conservation projects. This includes the promotion of sustainable forestry practices, afforestation initiatives, and protection of existing green spaces.

6. Climate Education and Advocacy

We will engage in climate education and advocacy, both internally and externally, to raise awareness about the importance of net-zero emissions and the broader implications of climate change. Our goal is to inspire positive action within our community and beyond.

7. Collaboration and Partnerships

We recognise that achieving net-zero emissions requires collaborative efforts. We will actively seek partnerships with like-minded organisations, businesses, and governmental bodies to amplify our impact and contribute to collective climate action.

8. Review and Revision

This commitment will be periodically reviewed to ensure alignment with the latest scientific advancements and global climate targets. Any necessary revisions will be made to enhance the effectiveness and ambition of our net-zero emissions strategy.

9. Approval

This Public Net Zero GHG Emissions Commitment is officially approved and adopted by the We Grow Forest Foundation. All members, employees, and stakeholders are expected to adhere to and actively contribute to the realisation of this commitment.

Review and Update

This policy will be subject to periodic review and update to ensure its alignment with evolving climate science, global agreements, and the best available practices.

Date of Adoption: January 01, 2023

Approved by: Board of Trustees

Date of Review: January 01, 2024

We Grow Forest Foundation is dedicated to playing a crucial role in mitigating climate change. By adopting this Public Net Zero GHG Emissions Commitment, we strive to inspire positive change, contribute to a sustainable future, and lead by example in our environmental stewardship.