Eco-Industrial Parks

Industrial Parks

The industrial sector is a crucial driver of India’s impressive economic growth. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) arising from the industrial sector is predominant and factoring in the current environmental challenges, the government and the industrial sector are giving much attention to sustainable development. Since planned economic development began, India has followed a policy for developing industrial estates and industrial parks to facilitate the establishment of small and medium industrial units.

We Grow Forest Foundation, as part of the Carbon Neutral Capital 2035 project, has initiated the reformation of Kochuveli Industrial Estate in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

Eco-Industrial Parks

An eco-industrial park or estate is a community of manufacturing and service businesses on a shared property. Member businesses seek enhanced environmental, economic, and social performance through collaboration in managing environmental and resource issues. India has over three million Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). The challenge of Eco-Industrial Development can be tackled by developing new and transforming existing parks into Eco-Industrial Parks.

We Grow Forest follows UNIDO’s (United Nations Industrial Development Organisation) approach to developing the Kochuveli Industrial Estate.

Kochuveli Industrial Estate

The Industrial estate has provided livelihood to more than 10000 families. There are more than 110 functional units, and a few industries need infrastructural, economic and operational assistance. We Grow Forest team has taken over the reformation works of the Industrial Park as a pioneer green project that will eventually contribute to a significant part of the state’s economic growth. We aim to prove that even old parks with serious environmental problems can be transformed with often simple and inexpensive measures.


Our Eco-Industrial Development strategy deals with the individual industry, the industrial park, and regional, national, and global levels. We are incorporating responsible recycling, renewable energy sources, green transport, lower GHG emissions, and enhanced green cover for the socio-economic, and environmental development of the industrial park.

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