Green Entertainment

Explore nature with us

The growing concern about environment and climate change paved way to conscious consumerism and sustainable initiatives. We help individuals, Government, business and any other organisers in planning guilt free events with reduced carbon footprint. We assess the impact of the event, develop strategies to ensure minimum wastage and reduce carbon emissions. We organise green events with sustainable values such as recycling, plastic use reduction, plant based or ethically sourced meals and a mindful reduction of the event’s carbon footprint.

A Day in Forest

A day in native forests, learning about trees’ history and their importance in our life. This is a heart-filling experience as one gets intrinsically connected with Mother Nature, breathing fresh air amidst forests. It enables you to find ways to grow, get involved, and nurture yourself.

Women in Woods

A day in the wild exclusively for women to foster sisterhood and know nature & wildlife at their best. Women are encouraged to visit woods as a part of trekking and tree planting. We provide safe and personalised eco-friendly trekking experiences for women. They can plant trees, enjoy nature, clean the forest, and develop a sisterhood.

Climb for Green Trekking

A walk around the mountains, clearing off plastic wastes from trails, disbursing native seed balls in deforested areas under the supervision of trained staff. We provide an online course for trekking aspirants and participants with valid e-course certifications.

Green Warrior

We award Green Warrior certificates to all our participants, encouraging them to do more!

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