The Planeteers & The Green Bees

The Planeteers & The Green Bees

Our youngest trust member, Anjali Asmi Syed’s debut book, The Planeteers & The Green Bees – And the Ways of Living a LIFE, is a gift to all nature lovers, including kids, to understand and help the ecosystem thrive and sustain. She has explained the importance of bees, who facilitate one-third of the food production in the world through pollination. They support the growth of vegetation around the globe and help nature maintain a balance. They are the protectors and pollinators of the earth.

Three Volume

The Planeteers & The Green Bees – And the Ways of Living a LIFE; is a 3 volume illustrated encyclopedia for young children on forest and conservation. With simple texts and illustrations, the volumes were designed to make learning fun. Each volume addressed different subjects on nature and its conservation. This book aims to inspire and engage children about the value of every tiny creation of our world and how to protect them.

The book is in the making and will be published soon.

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