Corporate Partnerships

We promote sustainable business models to ensure that the business practices followed by an organisation encourage sustainability. We support change-makers, people and companies that ignite, lead and advocate for sustainable change on the planet. We encourage sustainable business leaders committed to doing something better than themselves. We are committed to endorsing eco-businesses by developing and promoting sustainable consulting in business models. You are becoming a change leader and achieving a sustainable competitive advantage by being our corporate partner.

Green Learning Platform

Children and youth are the future stewards of our planet. We provide ways to create a robust environmental education base, nature stewardship, and problem-solving skills for today’s young generation. We prepare students in resource preservation and management by helping them attain the skills and knowledge needed. We promote eco-schools and colleges where efficient green management practices, facilities, and curricula are provided. We Grow Forest Internship Programme provides knowledge, resources, and support for building skills for careers in the sustainability sector for students pursuing education at a college or university.

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