United Nations SDGs

Sustainable Development Goals

At We Grow Forest Foundation, our mission encompasses all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations. These goals serve as a strategic framework, directing our environmental endeavours toward internationally recognized benchmarks. By confronting critical issues outlined in the SDGs, we channel our endeavours into a cohesive approach that nurtures a sustainable and inclusive future for both the natural world and humanity. At We Grow Forest Foundation, our alignment with the SDGs underscores our commitment to effecting positive change on a global scale.


No Poverty

We Grow Forest Foundation tackles SDG 1 by integrating urban forests into its initiatives. By promoting a green economy and agroforestry, the foundation seeks to reduce poverty by creating employment, lowering infrastructure costs, and boosting property values. This approach aligns with SDG 1’s mission of eradicating poverty and promoting sustainable development.


Zero Hunger

In addressing SDG 2, We Grow Forest Foundation focuses on sustainable food production through activities such as the ‘Trees that Feed’ project. By planting fruit-bearing trees and promoting agroforestry, the foundation contributes to zero hunger, emphasizing the crucial role of forests in ensuring food security for communities.


Good Health and Well-Being

We Grow Forest Foundation prioritizes SDG 3 by creating sustainable living environments. Initiatives like Green Charging Zones and Urban Forests play a pivotal role in preventing non-communicable diseases, maintaining mental health, and purifying the air, aligning with the goal of ensuring good health and well-being for all.


Quality Education

We Grow Forest Foundation recognizes the transformative power of education in fostering sustainable development. As part of our commitment to SDG 4, we aim to integrate environmental education into curricula and community programs. By fostering awareness of the importance of forests and sustainable practices, we contribute to building a generation equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to address environmental challenges and promote a sustainable future.


Gender Equality

Gender equality is a fundamental principle guiding the We Grow Forest Foundation’s initiatives. In support of SDG 5, we work towards ensuring equal opportunities for all genders in our programs and projects. We empower women by involving them in decision-making processes, providing training opportunities, and promoting inclusivity. By fostering gender equality, we contribute to building more resilient and sustainable communities.


Clean Water and Sanitation

The foundation addresses SDG 6 by leveraging urban forests to regulate hydrological cycles and filter drinking water. We Grow Forest Foundation’s efforts contribute to clean water and sanitation, playing a vital role in maintaining the ecological balance and ensuring sustainable access to clean water.


Affordable and Clean Energy

We Grow Forest Foundation actively supports SDG 7 by emphasizing the sustainable management of urban forests as a source of renewable energy. This approach contributes to ensuring affordable and clean energy access, particularly in lower-income countries where wood fuel remains a significant energy source.


Decent Work and Economic Growth

SDG 8 is at the forefront of the We Grow Forest Foundation’s endeavours as it invests in urban forests, contributing significantly to green economic growth. By providing an attractive environment for business and tourism, creating job opportunities, and enhancing home values, the foundation actively supports decent work and economic growth.


Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

In alignment with SDG 9, We Grow Forest Foundation recognizes the importance of sustainable infrastructure and innovation for fostering economic growth. Our projects integrate innovative solutions that promote green infrastructure, ensuring the conservation of natural resources. By supporting sustainable technologies and practices, we contribute to building resilient and inclusive infrastructure that meets the needs of both present and future generations.

SDG 10

Reduced Inequalities

Reducing inequalities is a core principle of the We Grow Forest Foundation’s mission. In adherence to SDG 10, we strive to address social, economic, and environmental disparities within communities. Through our projects, we prioritize inclusivity, ensuring that marginalized groups have equal access to the benefits of urban forests and green initiatives. By fostering equality, we contribute to building more just and sustainable societies.

SDG 11

Sustainable Cities and Communities

We Grow Forest Foundation recognizes the pivotal role of well-designed and managed urban forests in achieving SDG 11. Through climate change mitigation, reduced energy costs, poverty alleviation, and improved liveability, the foundation contributes to building sustainable cities and communities.

SDG 12

Responsible Consumption and Production

We Grow Forest Foundation is dedicated to promoting responsible consumption and production practices in alignment with SDG 12. By raising awareness about sustainable living, encouraging eco-friendly practices, and promoting the use of renewable resources, we contribute to reducing the environmental impact of consumption. Through initiatives like waste reduction and recycling programs, we strive to create a more sustainable and circular economy, aligning with the goals of responsible consumption and production.

SDG 13

Climate Action

Addressing the urgency of SDG 13, the We Grow Forest Foundation undertakes activities to combat climate change. By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting forest restoration, and engaging in collaborative efforts, the foundation actively participates in climate action and environmental preservation.

SDG 14

Life Below Water

We Grow Forest Foundation recognizes the critical importance of SDG 14, which focuses on conserving and sustainably using the oceans, seas, and marine resources. Although the foundation’s primary emphasis is on terrestrial ecosystems, it acknowledges the interconnectedness of land and sea. Efforts to reduce deforestation and pollution indirectly contribute to marine conservation by mitigating the adverse impacts of climate change on ocean health. We Grow Forest Foundation remains committed to promoting sustainable practices that safeguard life below water, understanding that the health of terrestrial and marine ecosystems is intrinsically linked.

SDG 15

Life on Land

The foundation’s commitment to SDG 15 focuses on biodiversity conservation and mitigating land and soil degradation. By strategically planting trees and fostering urban forests, We Grow Forest Foundation contributes to the restoration of habitats, improvement of soil quality, and sustainable land use.

SDG 16

Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions

Contributing to SDG 16, the We Grow Forest Foundation recognizes the pivotal role that peace, justice, and strong institutions play in achieving sustainable development. While the foundation’s core activities are centered around environmental conservation, it acknowledges the broader societal context. By fostering a sustainable living environment, providing economic opportunities, and promoting inclusive growth, We Grow Forest Foundation indirectly contributes to building peaceful and just societies. The foundation also upholds the rule of law, advocates for environmental justice, and collaborates with institutions to strengthen governance frameworks for sustainable development, thereby supporting the overarching goals of SDG 16

SDG 17

Partnership for the Goals

As a capstone, We Grow Forest Foundation recognizes the integral role of global partnerships in achieving all 17 SDGs. Collaboration with NGOs, governmental bodies, community volunteers, and multinational corporations is essential for mobilizing resources and attaining financial support. The foundation actively invites global partners to join in its commitment to fulfilling these sustainable development goals.

We Grow Forest Foundation’s dedication to the 17 SDGs underscores its commitment to a comprehensive and interconnected approach to global challenges. Through strategic initiatives, collaborative partnerships, and a steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship, the foundation actively contributes to the vision of a sustainable and inclusive future. We Grow Forest Foundation’s alignment with the SDGs emphasizes the urgency of collective action and the profound impact that can be achieved when organizations work together towards a more sustainable and resilient world