Our Forestation Efforts

We grow saplings of native trees and plant them in cities, deforested areas, wastelands, communities, unused private lands, fire-struck areas, government and private offices, institutions, and near waterways that grow into forests. We are also involved in landscaping projects, urban forestry and plantation drives. We try to protect the natural habitat, reduce carbon footprint and ensure reforestation. We not only plant trees but care for the ones that are thriving for existence against all odds.

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Trees that Feed

Fruit forests are essential to biodiversity and serve as a feast for foragers. Fruits are nutritious, and the trees provide shade. We create pocket fruit forests in all vacant lands, backyards and private properties of urban and peri-urban regions. These forests provide excellent habitats for many insects, birds and mammals. Local people can harvest the yield without harming the wildlife and use it for their livelihood.

Urban Forestry

We grow trees and plants in public and privately owned lands around urban areas, roadside avenues, green belts and even recreational parks which clear the air quality, reduce urban heat and enrich the aesthetic value of the urban centres. The trees will directly sequester carbon di oxide as woody and foliar biomass as they grow. Birds, butterflies, honey bees and few small mammals will find homes and food in the robust urban forest. The urban forest will create a healthier city for the whole community. The diverse trees planted will make the place more resilient to pests and diseases thereby ensuring an overall wellness of the people therein.

Green Charging Zones

Green Zone is looked upon as a vibrant area with green business practices, a healthier environment and a reviving green future. Such zones are created to look beyond the overall environmental and wellness of the community. The green zones can serve as a pilot to test sustainable strategies within the environment. Such Zones will provide access to recreational activities, improve air quality, reduce GHG emissions and bring nature closer to people.

Green Landscaping

Green landscapes nurture flora and fauna, reduce air, soil and water pollution to make healthy recreation spaces. We prefer native landscaping plants which are naturally adapted to the regional environment which helps to save time, money and energy. We try to reuse bricks, stones, glass, concrete pieces as an alternative to buy or create new materials for green landscaping. We choose recycled plastics or sustainably harvested materials for fencing and decks.

Green Offices

We design green offices ensuring resource efficiency and environmental responsibility by considering community and cultural sensitivity too. We use materials that are non-toxic, ethical and sustainable ensuring clear indoor air quality. The indoor area is recreated using vertical green walls and flowering pots to enrich the aesthetic value of the premises. Green Offices are designed using recycled content wherever possible and the aim is to create healthy environment, conserve energy and reduce pollution.

Plant/Gift a Tree

We give a chance for everyone to use trees as a symbol of gifting and as a token of remembrance. ‘Celebrate every occasion by planting trees.’ The tree you gift will grow with the recipient. This will become a life-long commitment like your relationship with them. You can plant the tree yourself, or we will plant it for you. Our team will nurture and care for the newly planted saplings and make sure they survive. We make sure to replace those who do not survive.

Reviving Greenery

We Grow Forest Foundation helps trigger the revival of trees and forests after destructive activities like wildfires, unscientific pruning, extreme droughts and inundation. Restoration of existing urban greenery is taken care of with the help of volunteers and experts. To extend the green cover, we use the local community’s help and plant native flora that suits the geographical area. This is how we pave the way for ecological succession through our reforestation activities.

Want To Know More?

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